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Millions can't afford to get on the housing ladder. Stuck with sky high prices and dodgy landlords - paying rent and unfair tenancy charges, insecure, under pressure and unrepresented.

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PricedOut Newsletter – April 2010
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Posted by: PricedOut Fri, 02 Apr 2010 09:38:15 GMT

PricedOut Newsletter – April  2010

Dear PricedOut member,

Last month saw the launch of PricedOut’s response to a controversial Treasury paper that has recently been released on the role of the UK Private Rented Sector. The Treasury paper is potentially disastrous for First Time Buyers and Owner Occupiers in its:
  • Calls for further tax breaks for buy-to-let investors;
  • Calls for larger, institutional investors such as pensions and insurance firms to enter the UK buy-to-let market;
  • Failure to acknowledge the impact that the buy-to-let sector has had on UK house prices over the last 10 years;
  • Failure to acknowledge or address the social consequences of the exponential growth in buy-to-let over the last ten years.
PricedOut’s response paper outlines our key causes for concern and recommendations arising from this paper. It outlines new research that we have conducted, including the fact that the buy-to-let sector has created a net loss of nearly 650,000 homes at the expense of First Time Buyers. 

Our key recommendations presented to the Treasury in our response are:
  • Removing the current tax advantages that buy-to-let investors have over First Time Buyers;
  • Reversing the change in Capital Gains Tax, increasing it from 18% to 40%;
  • Improving tenants’ rights, reflecting the fact that 87% of people who currently rent do not do so by choice;
  • Increasing the regulation of the buy-to-let sector by the Financial Services Authority. 

We would welcome your feedback on our response, either via the website forum, or via email. We have also created a function on our website to email the Housing Minister, John Healy, and express your concern with the Treasury paper.  

Getting Involved

If you would like to get more involved with the campaign for affordable houses, please contact We would particularly like to hear from people who are interested in:
  • Organising local protest events;
  • Representing PricedOut at a local authority level;
  • Writing features for the website;
  • Press work, including print media, TV or radio;
  • Join the PricedOut facebook group and invite your friends to join too.
With best wishes from,

The PricedOut team

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Comments (2)  
Re: PricedOut Newsletter – April 2010    By anouska on Sat, 03 Apr 2010 21:09:31 GMT
Big publicity for a FTB,s strike would be a good idea, the internet is a wonderful tool for publicity, young people in particular are forever on Facebook and other like sites. A concentrated attack by our young people could take the power away from those with vested interests. It could work, without the FTB,s the 2nd time buyers can't move up, and so it goes on.

Re: PricedOut Newsletter – April 2010    By on Thu, 27 May 2010 06:37:29 GMT
It is better for us to spend our money wisely. As we all know our country is in the midst of economic crisis. More and more people are having a hard time managing their finances. Just last month the <a title="Housing recovery may be fiction as mortgage rates plummet" href="">housing market</a> hit a three year high. Well, I just hope that things would get better in the future.

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